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Together, let's identify and broaden the awareness of virtual care innovations 

that support children in pain, their families, and care partners.

Call for Innovations

Call for innovations ilustration.png

Call for Innovations that support a virtual approach to chronic pain prevention and management for children.

The Canadian Foundation for Healthcare Improvement (CFHI) and Solutions for Kids in Pain (SKIP) are working together to identify evidence-based solutions for kids in pain.


Together, with CFHI’s quality improvement knowledge and resources and SKIP’s innovative approach to knowledge mobilization, we’re supporting innovators and end-users identify and share solutions that work.

Individuals and teams from across Canada are invited to tell us about a virtual innovation they have created or experienced to prevent and manage pain in children and youth (age 18 years and under). 

Who is eligible to apply?


Healthcare Organizations 

(both public and private)


Community Sector


Government Sector


Social Service Sector

Healthcare organizations (both public and private), community, government, and social service sectors in Canada that have implemented and evaluated a relevant innovation to support an improved virtual approach to chronic pain prevention and management for children/youth (18 years and younger).

What happens next?


Applicants will be reviewed by a committee of experts, including children, youth, family and care partners, and assessed based on the degree to which the innovation:

  • has or will involve partnership with children, youth, families, and different disciplines and care partners;

  • has an evaluation plan and/or evidence that it will benefit patients, families and/or care partners;

  • has potential for successful spread to other settings; and

  • has potential for long term success and positive impact

What happens once selections are made?

Selected teams will work with CFHI and SKIP to disseminate their innovation across Canada and will be:

  • Eligible to receive additional support from CFHI/SKIP for knowledge mobilization and dissemination 

  • Invited to participate in a webinar series and other knowledge sharing and networking opportunities

  • Integrated into an Evidence and Gap Map of virtual stepped care solutions for pediatric chronic pain being developed through a grant from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) led by Dr. Katie Birnie, PhD RPsych (University of Calgary)

How to apply:

  1. Review the call for innovations here, to confirm eligibility, including information about conflict of interest (in Appendix B). Note that Appendix A includes the Application questions so you can review in advance.

  2. Complete and submit the application. Note: You can save your application along the way and return to it more than once. Once you’ve completed the form to your satisfaction, click “submit” to send us the application.

Applications are due by September 30, 2020, 11:59 pm Eastern Time. 

Applications may be submitted in English or French.

Questions about the application?

please contact Erin Aubrey (SKIP Knowledge Broker) at Erin.Aubrey@dal.ca